AGM Agenda Proposal

Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited realizes the importance of shareholders and the practice of good corporate governance, with the objective for shareholders to receive equitable treatment. The Company therefore gives the opportunity for shareholders to participate in proposing an issue which is deemed important and appropriate for incorporation as an agenda in the Company's annual general meeting (AGM), and to be able to propose a candidate with appropriate knowledge, abilities and qualifications to be considered for the position of the Company's director. so that the Board of Directors will have sufficient time to consider and prepare to incorporate such proposed issue as an agenda in the AGM.

Shareholders wishing to propose an AGM agenda must be the Company's shareholders (one shareholder or a group of shareholders) with shares held collectively not less than 0.02% of the Company's issued and paid-up capital and have been continuous shareholders for at least 12 months as at the date of proposal submission.

For further details, please download the following:

1. Criteria and guidelines in proposing AGM agenda

2. Agenda Proposal Form

The Audit Committee will consider the incorporation of the proposed issue as an AGM agenda before proposing to the Board of Directors for consideration. The decision of the Board of Directors on such matter is deemed final.

The Company reserves the right to consider the proposals which are complete with comprehensive supporting documents, and are in accordance with the above criteria. The proposed issues must be beneficial to the Company and overall shareholders and in accordance with related rules and regulations.


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